Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Abigail celebrated her first birthday this past weekend.  I can hardly believe that she is a year old.  We celebrated with a party of 30+ friends and family and plenty of kids running around.  This post may sound more like something that should be in a baby book but since her baby book is packed somewhere in storage I want to record her milestones and likes and dislikes here.  
Abigail took off with Cassie's "baby Emma"

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Things she can do:
Walk (backwards too)
Starting to run
Feed herself
Use a fork
Tries to jump but can't get feet off of floor
Shares toys briefly then wants them back
Gives hugs & kisses (prompted and spontaneous)
Wave Hi and Bye
Learning to blow kisses
Can take her shoes off if they are vlecro
"Talks" on the phone
Loves to push and pull wagons and walkers
Stomps her feet and crosses her arms when she gets mad
Test our reactions to her behavior (i.e. spitting food out)
Blows on hot food

Words she can say:
Canela ("Co-Co")
Ma-ma & Da-da
Baby (sounds more like Daddy, doesn't quite have the 'b' sound)
thank you
all done
kitty ("itty")
more ("moa-moa")
bite ("ite")
Cock-a-doodle-doo ("cocka-cocka")

Abby's favorite things:
playing ball with Canela
being outside
Baby dolls
Playing "hide & go seek"
Chasing the dogs
Finger Paint(aka: body paint :)
Frozen peas
Hot dogs
Chicken nuggets
Cheddar cheese
She likes us to sniff her stinky toes!  She will shove them in your face and then laugh.
Don't leave the house without these three things: passie, lovie, and sippy w/water or milk.

She is down to two nursings a day: sometimes when she wakes up and before bedtime.
Eating a rib
Ridley and Abigail
A photo shoot before bed
First popsicle

Monday, April 6, 2009

Picture catch up

Well since this blog has been with out pictures for a while, so I am going to put up some of the best from the last couple of months.

Playing outside with the water hose

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Loving those mashed potatoes

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Sitting with Pappy with her Big Sister shirt on. Yes she will be a big sister in October!

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Grammy and all her babies

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Look at those eyes, that hair, and all those teeth. She now has eight teeth and working on four more.

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And of course bluebonnet pictures.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

getting settled

Well we are officially done moving, Yay!  Now for the unpacking.  We have unpacked all the essential stuff but Mom's house is so small it is taking quite a bit of work to make everything fit.  You have to be pretty inventive to find a place to put everything and make it look good.  I really hope to be done by this weekend.  I hate looking at boxes and having everything out of place.  It really stresses me out.  After we get all that done it is back to painting and fixing up the rest of the house.  We still have the living room, hall, bathroom, kitchen and dining room.  Sigh.  We still don't have internet so I am posting this from work.  And still I won't be able to upload any pictures any time soon.  A blog is pretty boring with no pictures but it will have to do.

Good news is that I found a job that is like 15min away from the house.  I am a nanny for twin, newborn girls and I get to bring Abby with me.  This is my first week and so far so good.  We have had a couple of times where all babies were crying but we made it through.  The tough part about this job is that I have to be here at 6:30am.  It is really hard to drag my self out of bed at 5:30am,  but at least it is close and there is no such thing as traffic.  Also Bob just landed an interview with TCC.  This looks to be very promising since he worked for TCC for 7 years prior to going to work for Boardroom.  He knows a lot of contacts there that can put in a good word for him.  Down side is now we live in Dallas practically but the commute shouldn't be too bad since he will be going against traffic.  It defiantly won't be near as bad as driving from Keller to Plano.

Abigail is now a walking fool.  She loves to chase you and be chased.  She would spend her whole day outside if I let her.  She is the best eater.  Haven't found anything she doesn't like besides peas.  She is also so happy to have her crib back.  She just doesn't sleep that well in the pack n' play.  She will give you kisses if you ask for them and sometime she slips you the tongue right as you go in to kiss her.  Then she laughs like she has played the funniest joke ever.  She is becoming a Mama's girl, big time.  She only wants me most of the time but Bob does a great job of distracting her when needed.  I really can't believe that she will be 10 months old in just a couple of days.  Where has the time gone?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where have we been?

Well the last two weeks seem like a whirl wind. We packed, moved our stuff to storage, moved ourselves to a friend's house, and started renovating my Mom's house so that we can move in with her.

Packing and moving were the pits. I know they are always the pits but really this just sucked. We rented a trailer that was suppose to hold a 2-3 bedroom house worth of stuff (according to their website and the guy at U-haul). We also rented a storage unit that was suppose to hold a 2-3 bedroom house. Also we were suppose to be done moving by 3pm that day. Well when we went to go pick up the trailer we thought it looked kinda small the the guy assured me everything would fit. When we got to the house to start loading I was sure it would not all fit and we would be making two trips. I was really trying to avoid that because the drive from Keller to Red Oak is over an hour. If I had known I would have just paid the extra money and rented a big truck to make one trip. So we load up as much as we can and drive to the storage unit. Um, there is no way all of our stuff will fit in the one storage unit! So we have to rent another one. Sigh. So we finally were done moving at 11pm at night. The baby was very tired and cranky, Bob and I were also tired and cranky and we still had to go back the next day and move the fish tank to my brother's house and clean the house. Well lets say that I am glad that is over!

We are currently staying with very good friends while we fix up my mom's house and make it baby ready. We are enjoying our time here and Abigail loves their daughter Kira. She wants to do everything with her. Mom's house is coming along. She had new carpet installed this week and we will finish painting the bedrooms this weekend. Then all we have left is painting the hall and bathroom, all the trim in the house, and installing vinyl flooring. Man I'm already tired just typing that out.

Bob has had a lot of interviews and is getting a lot of hits on his resume but no job yet. We are praying that it happens soon. I have a job prospect and I feel very positive about it. I will know more next week. In the mean time thank goodness for tax refunds and small children. :)

I promise to get some pictures uploaded soon. Got to find the cables that go to the camera. Got to love moving and losing everything.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess Who's Walking

Well since there is only one of us in the house that can't walk yet you have probably already guessed that it is Abigail. Yes I know she is only eight months old but she just couldn't be held back anymore. I tried to tell her that is was not necessary for her to walk yet but she just keeps practicing. I finally captured it on video. She gets so excited that she falls over. And please excuse the crazy dog in the video, Canela can't stand not being the center of attention.

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Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday is moving day. We are moving in with my Mom. She will be able to pay all the major bills so that we can continue to save and pay off debt. I am so thankful that my Mom is able to do this. It will be interesting living with 3 adults, 1 baby, 5 dogs, and 1 cat in a 1000sq foot, 2 bedroom house. We found a storage facility to store our extra stuff in for $35 a month and we are renting a uhaul trailer for $74. Bob's dad is helping us out with the moving expenses. We are so thankful to have such a supporting family, here's to a debt free 2010!